From the Desk of the DSA Secretariat

As DSA Secretariat, I have the opportunity of connecting with you through email, telephone conversations and at DSA meetings. This enables me to keep up-to-date with what’s happening in our industry at a local level, learn about successes and challenges and to share knowledge and experience with you as members.

The first half of the year is always a busy period from a Secretariat perspective. One of the biggest tasks is the annual member survey, which enables the DSA to submit aggregated local industry statistics to the WFDSA for inclusion in its global survey results, which is a WFDSA membership requirement of local DSAs. Aggregated data is also used for local DSA industry statistics and provides essential information around industry trends, growth, successes and challenges. Thank you to all members who have completed and returned your surveys.

Another  priority during the first half of 2018 is the further implementation of the Global Ethics Programme. This needs to be in place not only to meet the WFDSA requirements to retain Gold Level member status, but also to put us in line to achieve top Platinum Level status. I am currently in contact with your nominated Compliance Responsibility Officers to set up a meeting in May 2018 which will cover the updated Code of Ethics..

Continuing to mentor the DSA of Nigeria following its December launch will sit within my portfolio of responsibilities and I look forward to this opportunity.

Support to the PR campaign and new membership applications, organising value-add presentations for the general meetings, setting up CEO Council meetings, completing WFDSA surveys, and supporting the Directors in their various portfolios, are amongst the items that make up my most exciting and enjoyable role.

It is indeed a privilege to work in this industry with you. Thank you for your continued and ongoing support.

Imtiaz Ebrahim

DSA Secretariat