Critical Insight Into Entrepreneurship

Direct Selling and Entrepreneurship are interdependent, and Amway’s thorough understanding of the Direct Selling industry has given rise to need for understanding Entrepreneurship better. This led to Amway undertaking an annual global entrepreneurship survey. CEO of Amway South Africa, Mr Rajesh Parshotam kindly shared the results of the 2016 survey at the last DSA General Meeting of 21 February 2018.

The survey was launched in 2010 and 2016 represented the 7th edition of the survey and covered 45 countries and 50,861 men and women aged between 14 and 99. During the last three years the survey expanded from 24 countries to 45 countries.

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DSA-UJ Recognition of Top Students

Preparing for a new world

In July last year the University of Johannesburg (UJ) opened the doors to a cutting edge initiative that is on trend with global educational trends; the formation of the College of Business and Economics (CBE).

The initiative sees the former Faculty of Economic and Financial Sciences and the Faculty of Management joining forces to provide students with a qualification that is multi-faceted, entrepreneurial and business orientated and will meet the needs of the future.

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Launch of DSA Nigeria

The 5th of December 2017 was indeed a historic day in the world of direct selling as the DSA of Nigeria held its first meeting in Lagos. The DSA of South Africa assisted with the set-up of the DSA of Nigeria and will continue as its mentor to ensure it meets all local and international requirements. As part of the mentorship, the DSA SA will guide the DSA of Nigeria to achieve Bronze status and on to Silver and Gold by ensuring alignment with WFDSA requirements.

This mentorship will also assist the DSA SA to become eligible for WFDSA Platinum status – the highest ranking achievable as a WFDSA member DSA.

Attendees at the first meeting of the DSA of Nigeria came from: Ascendis Health Direct, Edmark, Forever Living, Jeunesse, Neolife, Tiens and Tribute Lifestyle.


Consumer rights must include awareness and enforcement

When a product does not work properly or a service provider does not deliver as expected, indignant consumers are quick to assert that they know their rights, but they often do not.

“Most people are simply too busy to find out what their rights really are and tend to rely on assumptions, advice from a friend or colleague, or a vague recollection of something that they had heard or read,” says Cornellé van Graan, chairperson of the Direct Selling Association of South Africa (DSASA).

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