Critical Insight Into Entrepreneurship

Direct Selling and Entrepreneurship are interdependent, and Amway’s thorough understanding of the Direct Selling industry has given rise to need for understanding Entrepreneurship better. This led to Amway undertaking an annual global entrepreneurship survey. CEO of Amway South Africa, Mr Rajesh Parshotam kindly shared the results of the 2016 survey at the last DSA General Meeting of 21 February 2018.

The survey was launched in 2010 and 2016 represented the 7th edition of the survey and covered 45 countries and 50,861 men and women aged between 14 and 99. During the last three years the survey expanded from 24 countries to 45 countries.

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Progressive Business Forum Women’s Day Luncheon

“What an amazing Women in Business event on 17 August last year in Midrand. Aside from the speakers and entertainment, there is no question that the gifts in the goody bags blew everyone away.”

The powerful and dynamic programme of speakers all addressing the critical issue of ‘The Empowerment of Women In Business’, was attended by among the most influential and dynamic business women in South Africa as well as  by more than a dozen Ambassadors, High Commissioners,  Heads of Mission,  Diplomats  and international representatives.

A key component to the Women in Business Luncheon, as on previous occasions, has been the goody bag with which each lady attending is presented.  This goody bag, filled with gifts graciously donated, is a symbol of warmth and kindness and generosity.

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POPIA and How It Will Affect the Industry

The POPI Act has been developed to abide with South African citizens’ constitutional right to privacy. But what will happen when the act comes into effect in May 2018? And how will it affect your direct selling business?

The DSA SA will endeavour to keep you updated.


WFDSA World Congress

October 2017 marked a key moment when WFDSA held the triennial World Congress “Own the Future” in Paris, France. What a most unforgettable World Congress. Around 500 delegates from more than 50 different countries exchanged their views, their experiences and learned from each other around how to “Own the Future”.

Delegates thanked gracious host, French DSA for the powerful meeting content, the beautiful surroundings of Paris, an unforgettable Awards Gala in Chateau de Versailles and the wonderful hospitality they arranged for delegates.

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DSA-UJ Recognition of Top Students

Preparing for a new world

In July last year the University of Johannesburg (UJ) opened the doors to a cutting edge initiative that is on trend with global educational trends; the formation of the College of Business and Economics (CBE).

The initiative sees the former Faculty of Economic and Financial Sciences and the Faculty of Management joining forces to provide students with a qualification that is multi-faceted, entrepreneurial and business orientated and will meet the needs of the future.

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Launch of DSA Nigeria

The 5th of December 2017 was indeed a historic day in the world of direct selling as the DSA of Nigeria held its first meeting in Lagos. The DSA of South Africa assisted with the set-up of the DSA of Nigeria and will continue as its mentor to ensure it meets all local and international requirements. As part of the mentorship, the DSA SA will guide the DSA of Nigeria to achieve Bronze status and on to Silver and Gold by ensuring alignment with WFDSA requirements.

This mentorship will also assist the DSA SA to become eligible for WFDSA Platinum status – the highest ranking achievable as a WFDSA member DSA.

Attendees at the first meeting of the DSA of Nigeria came from: Ascendis Health Direct, Edmark, Forever Living, Jeunesse, Neolife, Tiens and Tribute Lifestyle.


Growing DSA Membership in 2018

The Direct Selling Association of South Africa is on a membership drive in 2018!

It has been estimated that there are some 50 non-member companies operating in South Africa and the DSA will actively make contact with them, inviting them to make application for membership.

We have contact details for some, but not all. We need your help! If you are aware of any direct selling companies that are not members of the DSA, then please provide the DSA Secretariat, Imtiaz Ebrahim, with the name and contact details. There is strength in numbers and we are aiming to build an even stronger Association for the benefit of all members.

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Getting the Basics Right

Too often it is the basic things that business gets wrong, and more often than not, it takes a simple process to fix what is wrong. While this might be something small, the benefit to the business can be huge. Avon Justine experienced this first hand through their Service Model Evolution which focussed on Brilliant Basics. Mafahle Mareletse, group vice president TMEA GM Avon Justine South Africa, told the story at the DSA November meeting. This is a short summary of what he presented.

Two and half years ago, Avon Justine put in place 18 major initiatives after examining their business and realising there were many problem areas. The improvement under this process has led to massive growth, and the improvement is continuous.

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Powerful Messages From the DSA USA Conference 2017

Angelique du Toit, Director at Annique Health and Beauty, attended the June 2017 USA Direct Selling Association (DSA) conference. At the DSA SA meeting held in November, she shared some of the highlights from the best speakers and presentations from the conference.

While this is an American conference, with the focus very “American”, Angelique says this content is still very translatable to South Africa.

Focusing on who we are

The first presentation she reports on is Joseph Mariano, who is the USA DSA President and who has incredible passion for direct selling. He started his presentation by saying that as an industry we need to focus on who we are, not who we aren’t. Continue reading “Powerful Messages From the DSA USA Conference 2017”